01/13/2014 - Textbooks on Reserve

Bizzell Memorial Library’s collection of selected reserve textbooks has been created through a $200,000 fund established by OU President David Boren.  The textbook collection is one of many new initiatives implemented by President Boren to help alleviate the burden of textbooks costs on students, following recommendations by the Presidential and Provost’s Textbook Taskforces and the passage of Oklahoma’s Guaranteed Tuition Bill. 

The collection offers selected required textbooks and scientific/graphing calculators that are available free of charge to students.  Textbooks have been purchased primarily for general education courses that have the highest enrollments as well as courses that have comparatively high-cost textbooks. While University Libraries is not able to purchase textbooks for every course, this approach reaches the greatest number students possible as well as assists those most impacted by textbook costs.

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