03/04/2014 - Civil War Artifacts @ OU Libraries

Several of OU Libraries special collections are hosting exhibits about the Civil War in conjunction with The University of Oklahoma Teach-In scheduled for March 10, 2014.  The exhibits will remain on display throughout the month of March.

Western History Collections
(Monnet Hall, room 452)

Exhibits at the Western History Collections will feature diaries and letters from Union soldiers during the Civil War, images of American Indian leaders during this time period, battlefield maps, and literature from the time period. The exhibit topics are Lincoln and literature, the Vicksburg campaign, battlefields of the American West, and Cherokee leaders during the Civil War.

History of Science Collections
(Bizzell, 5th floor)

Exhibits in the History of Science Collections Lobby will feature books from the Civil War era held in the 5th floor special collections libraries in Bizzell.  Books on display include memoirs and accounts of the war, works illustrating science, medicine, and technology of the period, treatises on politics and slavery, and literary works.

Government Documents
(Bizzell, room 440)

A display of Civil War era primary documents will be displayed outside of the Government Documents Collection. Included in this display will be documents from a number of different Federal departments, including the War Department and the Navy Department, displaying war reports, maps, and regiment lists.