04/15/2014 - Resources for Researchers Site Launched

University Libraries recently created a new tool for researchers on campus available at: The site is designed to support researchers throughout the research process and to help increase the researchers' impact factors in their fields and beyond.

Tools on the site include:

  • OU Local: Quick access to local resources such as SHAREOK, data management tools, and OU offices that support campus research.
  • Research IDs: Researchers will be able to register a individual digital identifier, increasing their impact by giving them an unique online presence for their work. It also facilitates sharing of information among many of the discovery and data repository sites found on the web.
  • Share: The Research Method is strengthened when others have the ability to access, analyze, and investigate using their own methods, workflows on the data, and results of researchers. These sites allow for sharing of data, software code, workflows, publications, and presentations. The work may be complete and/or on-going and by showcasing results with data can lead to collaborations with fellow researchers.
  • Discover: Identifying researchers who are working on the same or similar endeavors and their associated body of work is critical. These sites facilitate the discovery process of online repositories and can lead to collaborations among people, institutions, and cross disciplines.
  • Tools: The following applications, software, and services can help make the research process easier. These tools allow for better organization of material, data, and code, and facilitate the proposal process, which saves researchers time and effort.
For more information or assistance with your research, please contact Dr. Mark Laufersweiler, OU Libraries' Research Data Specialist or the library liaison for your department.