What's Being Searched?

Discover is searching authoritative scholarly content that includes a combination of the resources of the University of Oklahoma Libraries’ vast local resources, plus another index (called Primo Central™) which consists of hundreds of millions of scholarly, multi-lingual e-resources of global and regional importance. These include journal articles, e-books, newspaper articles, reviews, legal documents and more that are harvested from publishers and combined publishing collections, as well as from academic open-access repositories.

Please note that Discover searches the majority of the databases to which the Libraries subscribe. However, some database providers require you to use only their search interface. Those specialized databases are still available under the database links on the library home page.

Discover, in essence, allows you to do one search and find items from OU’s catalog PLUS items in hundreds of general and subject-specific databases. While you are not searching the wide-open Web as happens when you search Google™, you ARE searching scholarly content that has been selected for your use by librarians from around the world.

* Image courtesy of Ex Libris

You can also watch this short video, prepared for students by the company from which we buy access to the Primo Central secondary index.