Interlibrary Loan for Distance Education Students: Requesting Books

Distance Education and Advanced Programs (AP) students must use the Interlibrary Loan process to borrow and obtain books from the OU Libraries.
  • Students who live outside of the United States may only obtain books that are owned by the University of Oklahoma Libraries.
  • If the library mails a book to you, you are responsible for paying the shipping costs to return the book to OU.
  • Even if you have used the library’s catalog to find a book that you need, if you would like to have it mailed to you, use the database WorldCat to place the request.  

    Note: Always login to the library’s website before you begin searching for 

Locate WorldCat on the database list, search for books, and place your requests online:

1. Go to the library’s website at, and click on the "Databases" tab.

2. When the databases page opens, click on "W." Scroll down the list of databases that begin with W and click on "WorldCat"to access the database.

3. Within WorldCat, enter your search words in the appropriate space(s), and then click on "Search."

Remember: Distance Education and AP students who live outside of the United States may only obtain books that are owned by the University of Oklahoma Libraries. From the list of search results in WorldCat, always select a record that shows the OU Holdings IconUNIV OF OKLAHOMA icon.

4. When you find a title with the OU Holdings Icon UNIV OF OKLAHOMA icon, click on the book’s title to view the full record. Although the book is owned by the OU Libraries, you must request it through Interlibrary Loan to check it out and have it mailed to you. 


5.  Click on the "Request via Interlibrary Loan" link within the record. The link will take you to a form. If you want OU Libraries to mail a book to you, this is the form to use to submit your request. When filling out the form, remember the following:

  • Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields.
  • Pay careful attention to your Department and Status selections. Choosing an incorrect status may significantly delay your request.
  • Select Advanced Programs as your Department.
  • Select Advanced Programs Student or Liberal Studies Student as your status.



  • Use WorldCat to request that books owned by OU Libraries be checked out to you and mailed to you. It is your responsibility to pay the return shipping costs.
  • On the ILL form in WorldCat, provide accurate shipping and contact information. Be sure to supply the requested information for all required fields.
  • Choose “Advanced Programs” as your department and “Advanced Programs Student” or “Liberal Studies Student” as your status.

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