The Catalog: Searching for Periodical (Journal) Titles

In order to determine if the library provides full text access to a specific article, you will need the following information:

  • Title of the journal or periodical in which the article is published
  • Title and author of the article
  • Year of publication
  • Volume, issue, and page numbers

      Note:Always login to the library’s website before searching for information.

To search for a periodical title in the library's catalog:

Click on the "Catalog" link on the library's website.
2.  Type the title of the periodical (journal) in the search box.
If you know the exact title of the periodical, it is best to click on 
     the "Exact"button. Use the "Browse" button to retrieve an alphabetical list of 
Change "Search Everything" to "Periodical Title" using the drop-down menu on the
5.  Click on the "Search" button to retrieve a list of catalog records.

To locate the journal note the location:

  • A catalog record that has "Internet" as the item’s location indicates that OU provides online access to the periodical. Click on the "Details" button and find the "Electronic access" links in the Full Record to determine if the library has the specific volume you need.  Each "Electronic access"link indicates the years of full text coverage that are available using that link.  Select the link that includes the year of publication you need.
  • A catalog record that has a call number as the item’s location indicates that OU subscribes to the print version of the periodical. View the "Details" to determine which volumes are owned and which library or collection has them. Scroll down to view the entire record. In addition to volumes located in the stacks with the books, recent issues may be located in CURR_PER, the current periodicals room in Bizzell Memorial Library.
  • A catalog record that has a microform number as the item’s location indicates that OU has some volumes of the periodical on microfilm or microfiche. Again, view the "Details"to determine which volumes are owned on microform and where they are located.

The print version of the periodical may be available in more than one OU library.   The detailed record will give you information about the holdings at Bizzell Memorial Library as well as the branch libraries and special collections.

Use Interlibrary Loan to obtain articles from periodicals (journals) for which the library does not have a subscription.


  • Limit your catalog search to “Exact” and “periodical title” for best results.
  • Click on "Details" to see if and where the issue you need is found within University Libraries.You may need to view more than one catalog record to find the specific volume/issue and year you need.



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