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Books field guide

Cataloging in RLIN II (User Manual) 3rd ed., 1987 (3 copies) (also SD)
Binder includes:
  • lists of library identifiers
  • blank tagging worksheets
  • RLIN AMC format terms
List of RLIN library identifiers (not bound)

Managing a new library resource: results of the RLG machine readable ..., 1989

RLG directory

RLG System Reference manual

RLG Terminal Manual (also SD)

RLIN fixed fields field guide (2 copies) (also SD)

RLIN Bibliographic variable fields field guide (2 copies)

RLIN card profile handbook

RLIN film & maps field guides

RLIN holdings field guide

RLIN memory aids (binder)
  • Archival and manuscripts control
  • Archival control segment
  • Books and citations
  • Machine-readable data files
  • Maps
  • Recordings
  • RLIN authorities
  • Scores
  • Serials
  • Visual materials

RLIN recordings field guide

RLIN searching guide (stored in Princeton file)

RLIN searching manual

RLIN supplement, USMARC bibliographic (2 vol.)(also SD)

RLIN system reference manual

Scores field guide

Serials field guide & memory aid


AMIGOS Agenda & OCLC Connection (retain for 3 years)

Authorities Phrase Searching Manual (folder)

Beginner’s guide to copy cataloging on OCLC/PRISM

Cataloging internet resources: a manual and practical guide, 2nd ed.

Cataloging Micro Enhancer Plus User Guide

Diacritics and special characters April 1981

Future is now: reconciling change and continuity in authority control (2 video tape set w/booklet)

Future is now: the changing face of tech services (2 video tape set w/booklet)

OCLC Cataloging Service User Guide, 3rd ed. (Includes "Introducing OCLC Services)

OCLC guide to preservation manual (not bound)

OCLC M300 workstation Terminal Software User Guide (4 boxes)

OCLC M300 workstation Cataloging Microenhancer (1 box)

OCLC Newsletter

OCLC participating institutions
  • by OCLC symbol
  • by institution name
OCLC Tech Bulletin (in box)

OCLC Workbook: Using the Prism Services (IGC, SD, DTW)

Passport software User Guide (also SD)

PRISM basics training materials (SD)

PRISM Bibliographic formats and standards, 1993 (also SD)

PRISM service - authorities user guide

PRISM service - cataloging user guide

Union list user guide (also IGC)


AACR2 decisions & rule interpretations, 1994 (from Canadian Lib. Assoc.)

AACR2, 2nd ed., 1978 (IGC)

AACR2, 1988 revision (also IGC)

AACR2, 2nd ed., 1998 revision (also JS, AW, IGC, DTW)

AACR2 Institute Handbook (DTW)

American library directory, 1995-96

ArtMARC sourcebook, 1998

Authority control in the online environment, 1989

C.A. Cutter's three figure alphabetic-order table

Cataloger's desktop software user's guide (also IGC)

Cataloger’s guide to MARC coding and tagging for audiovisual material

Cataloging and classification of non-Western material

Cataloging and classification: trends, transformations, teaching and training

Cataloging audiovisual materials: a manual based on AACR2 ..., 1980

Cataloging books: a workbook of examples (DTW)

Cataloging concepts - instructor’s and trainee’s manuals (also SD)

Cataloging Internet resources: a manual and practical guide, 1995 (also DTW)

Cataloging of audiovisual materials and other special materials, 4th ed., 1998

Cataloging rules for the description of looseleaf publications

Cataloging service bulletins (CSB) (also JS, DTW, AW, TMK, IGC, CI)

Cataloging with AACR2R and USMARC, 1998

Cataloging with copy: a decision makers handbook, 1988 (also DTW)

Classification Plus Quick Reference Card & Software Users Guide (in box)

Classified Library of Congress subject headings (2 v.)

Computers!, 1987

Conversion tables LC-Dewey, Dewey-LC, 1993

Descriptive cataloging of rare books (also KW)

Digital image collections: issues and practice, 1996

Directory of electronic journals, newsletters and academic discussion lists, 1994

EC 1992 and beyond: access to information

Electronic style: a guide to citing electronic information, 1993

Eurocom: a classification schedule and cataloging handbook for European Community depository collections

Examples to accompany Descriptive cataloging of rare books, 2nd ed.

Folder of decisions made at catalogers’ meetings

Format integration and its effect on cataloging, training and systems, 1993

Future of the descriptive cataloging rules, 1998

Geographic cutters

Guidelines for bibliographic description of interactive multimedia, 1994

Guidelines for bibliographic description of reproductions, 1995

Guidelines for cataloging monographic electronic texts at the Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities, 1994

Handbook for AACR2 (DTW)

Holdings statements for non-serial items

How to connect to the Internet

HTML sourcebook, 1997

Human resource management in libraries: theory and practice, 1991

Immroth's guide to the Library of Congress classification, 3rd ed., 1980 (IGC)

Index to LC subject heading information in Cataloging Service (Bulletin 1-125) and CSB (no. 1-25)
Internet connections: a librarian’s guide to dial-up access and use, 1993

Internet troubleshooter, 1994

Introduction to University Computing Services at the University of Oklahoma

Language of the foreign book trade (IGC)

Languages of the world: cataloging issues and problems

LC author numbers (DTW)

LC classification--Additions & Changes (in boxes; retain last 4 lists for classes available electronically. Retain all lists for those only in print)

LC classification outline, 1986

LC rule interpretations for AACR2 (Oblerlin updates from CSB) (also IG, JS, KW)

Librarian's Yellow Pages, 1999

Library binding manual

Library of Congress rule interpretations (also IG, JS, TMK) - copy updates for them) (2 extra copies usually arrive about 2 months later)

Map cataloging manual, LC, 1991 (also KW)

MARC 21 Format for Authority Data

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data (2 v.)

MARC 21 Format for Classification Data

Maxwell's handbook for AACR2R, 1997

Microsoft Word user's guide & quick results (6.0)

Monograph cataloging notes (DTW)

NACO participant’s manual, 1994 (JS, CI, IGC, SD, DTW)

Notes for catalogers: a sourcebook for use with AACR2 (IGC, DTW)

Notes for serials catalogers, 2nd ed. (IGC)

Notes in the cataloging record, 1989 (also JS, IGC)

OLAC handouts - Oct. 1996

OPAC directory 1998

Outsourcing cataloging, authority work, and physical processing, 1995

Outsourcing library technical services, 1996

Outsourcing library technical services operations: practices in academic, public, and special libraries, 1997

Practical approach to serials cataloging

Practical help for new supervisors, 3rd ed.

Restructuring academic libraries, 1997

Retrospective conversion: history, approaches, considerations, 1992

Serial publications: their place and treatment in libraries

Serials: acquisition & maintenance

Serials cataloging handbook, 1st ed., 2nd ed. (IGC)
Serials management and microforms: a reader

Subject cataloging manual: classification

Subject cataloging manual: shelflisting

Subject cataloging manual: subject headings

Symbols of American libraries, 14th ed.

Thesaurus for graphic materials, 1995

USMARC code list for countries (also CI, SD)

USMARC code list for geographic areas

USMARC code list for languages

USMARC code list for organizations, 1996

USMARC code list for Relators, sources, description conventions, 1997

USMARC concise formats

USMARC format for authorities data, 1993 (3 v.)(also CI, IGC, DTW, JS, AW, TMK)

USMARC format for bibliographic data (vol. 1-2), including guidelines for content designation (also SD, JS, AW, cat. maint., IGC, TMK, PK, DTW)(do not xerox--updates on s.o.

USMARC format for classification data

USMARC format for community information

USMARC format for holdings data (also DTW, SD, IGC, AW, TK)

Video Acquisitions and cataloging, 1995

WordPerfect made easy, 1988


AACR2, 1988 rev.

ALA-LC romanization tables (on dictionary table), 1997 ed.

Author biographies master index, 1994

Best of MOUG, 4th ed., 1991

Chan, L.M. Library of Congress Subject Headings, 3rd ed.

Free-floating subdivisions: an alphabetic index

Geographic cutters, LC (fiche)

Geographic thesaurus: supplemental descriptors

Guidelines on subject access to individual works of fiction, drama, etc., 1990

Languages of the world: cataloging issues and problems, 1993

LC period subdivisions under names of places

LC subject heading changes, weekly lists

Library of Congress changed subject heading subdivisions, 1998 ed.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Music subject headings

Routledge German technical dictionary

Routledge French technical dictionary

Subject cataloging manual: subject headings

Subject control in online catalogs, 1989

Training student library assistants, 1991


Authority Control Manual April 1998 (also CI)

Cataloging Manual June 1999 (also DTW)

SIRSI/Unicorn Release Notes

Unicorn Workflows Cataloging with Authority Training Guide (1999)

Unicorn Configuration & Policy Manual (DTW)

Cataloging with Authorities Training Guide (DTW)

Assorted other training manuals (DTW)

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