Factiva -- Article Searching

Factiva – Article Searching:

Factiva offers a premier collection of the world’s top newspapers, trade and consumer publications providing access to more than 31,000 worldwide sources from 200 countries in 26 languages.

To access Factiva go to libraries.ou.edu, click on Resources located on the left tool bar roll over Resources by Subject → click on Business → Factiva. 

Once in Factiva, the default search form is for company research.  To access article search: on the top tool bar roll over Search → roll over Search Builder and click.

factiva - Article Search 1


Type in your search term(s)  in the FREE TEXT SEARCH box. Remember to open the DATE range from “in the last 3 months”  to a year or more using the down arrow.

Search examples:

Obama and economy               Cummins and china                environment and green fuels

Under the  FREE TEXT SEARCH box are several different ways you can limit your search

  • SOURCE – you can limit your search to a region such as the U.S. or limit to an individual source, Wall Street Journal.
  • SUBJECT – you can limit you search b subject based on the sections of a newspaper, Financial news or Economic news
  • INDUSTRY – you can limit your search to an industry based, Energy or Food/Beverage/Tobacco
  • REGION – you can limit your search to just U.S. or Developing Economies or Europe
  •  LANGUAGE – English is the default, but you can change to French, Russian, Chinese….

factiva - Article Search 2

The results page lets you know how many hits were found total number, news pages, blogs, picture and multimedia.  Results are sorted by most recent first.  The left tool bar ranks the number of companies, executives and industries mentioned.  The left tool bar also lists key words, regions, subjects, sources and dates. 

The main section of the page list results, most recent first – giving the Headline and first sentence of the article.

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