Books That Inspire 2003

My Experiments with Truth
M.K. Gandhi

The most inspiring aspect of this autobiography was my recognition of an ordinary young man transforming into an extraordinary world leader of the 20th century. Simple humanitarian principles embracing racial, religious, and cultural boundaries, e.g., love for fellow beings, truthfulness, and humility made such a change possible and permanent. Sharing his life experiences, Mohandas K. (M.K.) Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma (or “great soul”) Gandhi offers timeless practical wisdom not as esoteric philosophy but as an effective tool to positively shape the mind, heart, and soul. His principles of non-violence, which inspired Martin Luther King, Jr., are rooted in great personal strength. At a time when the world faces uncertainty and turbulence, Gandhi’s principles and ideals are refreshing and inspiring.
Ajay Agrawal
Associate Professor
formerly with Aerospace Mechanical Engineering