Books That Inspire 2006

You Are Special
Max Lucado

Congressman Steve Largent read this book to our 2000 National Championship Team in our chapel service before beating Nebraska 31-14 that year. Ever since that day, I try to read it once a week or so to my children. This children’s book teaches one to learn how to be at peace with others and with oneself. It teaches us how our Creator has made all of us different and it is not for us to judge who is better or worse than the other. Also, what is truly important is what we feel about ourself in our own heart, and criticism or praise will only affect us if we allow it to. Be more concerned with what your Creator thinks of you than what others think. To remind yourself of why you matter so much, be sure to visit your Creator everyday and he will remind you of how special you are because he doesn’t make mistakes.
Bob Stoops
Head Football Coach
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