Books That Inspire 2004

Commodify Your Dissent
Thomas Frank and Matt Weiland

At this point in history, it is more important than ever to cultivate meaningful relationships, question authority, and preserve what cultural elements still exist in our communities. Born in 1975, I have watched many aspects of popular culture in America fall into the hands of big business through corporate sponsorship and elaborate marketing schemes. Through reading Commodify Your Dissent, I saw that I was not alone in recognizing the gradual demise of individuality and cultural heritage in America and began to understand more about how and why this has happened. This collection of essays encourages readers to be enlightened consumers and to resist corporatization of the mind. Whenever I read it, it motivates me to focus first on the non-tangible pleasures of life, support local businesses, appreciate the history and culture still available to me, and cultivate my own individuality and creativity.
Barbara Overstreet
Office Manager
Interlibrary Loan, University Libraries