Books That Inspire 2008

In Search of Butch Cassidy
Larry Pointer

In 1977, the OU Press went “Big-Time” with the publication of In Search of Butch Cassidy (by Larry Pointer) – Today Show, Good Morning America, The Morning Show, local interview shows from Dallas to Chicago – Denver to San Francisco – Seattle to Atlanta – publicity requests came easy for us. I was the Sales and Marketing Director for the Press in the late 70s – this book was a big seller and one all bookstores wanted (sales currently exceed 100,000 copies). What really did happen to Butch Cassidy? Was he killed in a Bolivian shootout like the movie indicated? Or did he live out the remainder of his life in Spokane, Washington after returning from Bolivia? Actually, he – oh wait. You better read the book!

Steve T. Rice
Public Affairs Director and Editor, Sooner Lawyer
College of Law