Books That Inspire 2007

The Ultimate Gift
Jim Stovall

Have you ever wondered how you will pass down what you have learned in life to those you leave behind? How will you share your wealth and still teach the lessons of hard work, determination and the value of education? These questions are some of the many Tulsa author Jim Stovall answers in The Ultimate Gift. Although blind, Stovall makes it easy for us to see Oklahoma values in characters like Red Stevens, a self-made oil baron billionaire, and Jason, a young 'trust fund' bachelor. Through his emotional and simple story, we learn the most important gifts to pass on are love, friendship, family, laughter, wisdom, the desire to learn, the ability to make the most of every day and the great pleasure of giving to others. As we celebrate our state centennial and reflect on the past, what are the values we will pass down to our fellow Oklahomans?
Jill Quintana Hughes
Development Director
College of Engineering/University Development