Books That Inspire 2007

Prairie Voices: Process Anthropology in Family Medicine
Howard F. Stein

Trained as an applied philosopher, I was at first inspired by Howard Stein's Prairie Voices: Process Anthropology because it is the work of an applied anthropologist. We had both been trained to take theory and analytical skills into the living context of the healthcare arena, whether that meant in the NICU for me or the clinic examining room for him. As a teacher of healthcare ethics for many years, I was inspired by Stein's use of poetry to provide a bridge between clinician and patient; I regularly used poetry and short stories to nudge my healthcare ethics students across the bridge between themselves and patients or caregivers. Now, as a doctoral student in Educational Studies, I continue to be awed by this poet's and anthropologist's careful analysis and appreciation of the influence of rural Oklahoma culture on educators and their students. My favorite poem of his: "An Oklahoma Rosh Hashanah" (p. 75).
Nance Cunningham
Graduate Research Assistant
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies