Books That Inspire 2007

Prairie City: The Story of an American Community
Angie Debo

Partly of fiction, partly of fact; yet there is no doubt that this book by Angie Debo is entirely Oklahoman. Prairie City: The Story of an American Community is the telling of a relationship between people and place. It is the story of a small, yet culturally diverse community in northwestern Oklahoma, and of the ecological and self-sacrificing hardships the settlers faced while reconciling with the prairie. This is not just Debo's story, a tale of her place, Marshall, Oklahoma, where she lived most of her life and wrote with one goal in mind as etched on her tombstone, "Discover Truth and Publish It." It is also a story about building community and connecting to place, a lesson in which we could learn much from today!
Steven Mackie
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies