Books That Inspire 2007

Long Furrows
Dora Aydelotte

I first came across Dora Aydelotte's fiction and short stories when I was an undergraduate here at the University of Oklahoma. I have always been interested in Oklahoma history because two of my great grandfathers were in Oklahoma land runs and my family still holds a farm near Okeene, Oklahoma that was obtained as a result of the land run of 1893. Although I don't believe that Ms. Aydelotte's original intention was to write history, she has succeeded in recording Oklahoma women's history through her fiction and short stories. Her novel Long Furrows was the first of many of her works that I have read. Her characters' lives and the vernacular that they use closely resembled what I remember of my grandparents' lives, particularly my grandmother, on their farm when I was growing up.

Because of Dora Aydelotte and many, many more women writers of her era, early Oklahoma women's history has been preserved in a natural, unvarnished setting that truly represents Oklahoma history from a woman's point of view. For anyone interested in women's history, I would suggest reading Ms. Aydelotte's fiction based on fact.

Manette Rothermel
Administrative Assistant I
University Libraries