Books That Inspire 2007

Sooner Spy
Jim Lehrer

Jim Lehrer's mystery series-six books, from Kick the Can (1988) through Fine Lines (1994)-tells the fictional tale of the One-Eyed Mack, a Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma. Mack, like me, is a Kansan who has made the 46th state his home. His life is populated with a slew of colorful characters worthy of the Sooner State, from Governor "Buffalo Joe" Hayman, whose signature slogan is "Crown Oklahoma" (finishing the capitol dome) to C. Harry Hayes, the one-eared OBI director. Reading the series as I moved to Oklahoma in the early 1990s, I could only laugh as I saw around me much of what Lehrer wrote.
Karen Rupp-Serrano
Librarian/Associate Professor
University Libraries