Books That Inspire 2003

Game Face: What Does a Woman Athlete Look Like
Jane Gottesman

Game Face: What does a female athlete look like? is a compilation of photographs that celebrate the empowerment of girls and women through athletics. With these images Jane Gottesman permits us to sneak into an athlete’s life to share a moment of joy, solitude, triumph, freedom, and all the great emotions that come with physical successes. Each photo places value in what it means to receive not just the right, but also the opportunity to participate. Freed from traditional feminine constraints, the images capture the incredible muscle structure of Olympic sprinter Gail Devers, a pole vaulter wearing a full length dress in 1906, the barrier breaking exemplified by Kathy Switzer who ran the Boston Marathon in 1967 – 5 years before women were permitted, the simple thrill of a girl playing softball with the neighborhood boys, the lives of the Tennessee National Championship basketball team who reaped the benefits of Title IX, and many other historic and day-to-day events.
Jenny Bramer
Director of Compliance