Books That Inspire 2008

Oklahoma Kickoff: An Informal History of the First Twenty-five Years of Football at the University of Oklahoma, and of the Amusing Hardships That Attended It
Harold Keith

Few things inspire like passion and perhaps no Oklahoman was more passionate than Harold Keith. Born four years before Oklahoma achieved statehood, Keith spent his life here and was renowned for his singing, his running, his writing and his work as OU’s first sports publicist. Somehow, he found time to author 17 books, one of which, Oklahoma Kickoff, chronicled the first 25 years of football on the OU campus, or so reads the subtitle. In fact, Keith’s book goes beyond sport in describing the formative years of the university and Norman. Personalities and events come into sharp focus thanks to Keith’s writing flair and detailed research. Set against the backdrop of football, Oklahoma Kickoff is a wonderful resource for understanding how we started as a university; how we were positioned for the triumphant position we enjoy today and, of course, the passion of Oklahomans.

Kenneth S Mossman
Senior Associate Athletics Director
Athletics Department