Books That Inspire 2009

The Joy Luck Club
Amy Tan

The struggles of an American born daughter to Chinese immigrants, Jing Mei Woo tries to fulfill her mother’s dying wish of finding her long lost half sisters. Jing Mei’s mother founded the Joy Luck Club in San Francisco, CA with three other Chinese immigrant women. The story is a journey of all of their lives in China and the lives of their daughters in America. Throughout the narrative, each woman battles with their upbringing and how it is affecting their own destinies. I was inspired by each woman and how they are trying to fulfill their destinies despite pressure from their families. Growing up in a family whose father emigrated from an Asian country, I felt this story had a similar tone to my own upbringing and how I had different identities to associate with while growing up. This story gives women strength to pursue their goals while also recognizing who they are as daughters, mothers, and friends.

Kasie L. Tamayo
Academic Counseling Professional
Athletics Department