Books That Inspire 2011

Daniel Quinn

I love books; all books. There are many great books, and not enough time to read them. So when a friend pulled a copy of Ishmael from the shelf and said, "Man you got to read this. It will change your world," I resisted. I resisted when he told me it was about a telepathic conversation between a gorilla and the author. I resisted when he told me that this "fiction story" delivered more facts than an entire almanac. I resisted when he told me that I would have many questions and I would have to make a choice. I even resisted when he offered to buy it for me. "Pass it forward if you like it," he said. "Pass it back if you don't." Five years later I have passed 87 copies forward and have received one back. Time enough for Ishmael.

Paul Arcaroli
Senior Advisor
Human Resources