Books That Inspire 2011

Life Is So Good
George Dawson and Richard Glaubman

I discovered Life Is So Good while I was a literacy volunteer at the Norman Public Library. Dawson's autobiography describes his life as the son of a farmer at the turn of the twentieth century. He was the grandson and great-grandson of African American slaves. Dawson went to work at the age of four to help support his family and was, consequently, unable to attend school. Dawson kept his illiteracy a secret but had a life-long dream to learn. In 1996, at the age of 98, his dream came true when a literacy volunteer knocked on Dawson's door and told him adult education courses were being taught a few blocks away. Mr. Dawson responded eagerly, "Wait, I'll get my coat." At the age of 102, he wrote Life Is So Good (co-written with Richard Glaubman), which was published in 2000 and received national media attention. This is a story about looking on the brighter side of life, that you're never too old to learn, and it's never too late to realize your dreams.

Helene Sweatt
Staff Assistant