Knowledge Base

Tips for Conducting Research at the Fine Arts Library


Located on the corner of Boyd and Elm on the lower level of Catlett Music Center, Room 20.


Check the business hours before you come in, so you allow time for your projects.

Reserve Materials

The general Reserve Materials area is near the check-out desk, and it is self-serve. The World Music Reserves area is on the first row of stacks near the circulation desk. All reserves material has some restriction on the borrowing privileges, check with the library staff for details on specific titles.

Reference Area

The Reference Area is also near the check-out desk, and these materials may not leave the library. The Reference Area is identified by signs on the ends of the shelves. Here you will find such things as dictionaries, encyclopedias, discographies, bibliographies, catalogs and directories.

Index Table Area

The Index Table Area is located directly inside the doorway, and contains the New Books shelves, the World Music Reference Area, and indexes and guides for Art, Dance and Music.

Media Resource Center

The Media Resource Center (MRC) is a separate unit, but it is located inside the Fine Arts Library. They may be contacted at (405)325-6492.

Computer Access

There are 6 computer terminals in the Fine Arts Library that have internet and database access, one terminal is equipped with a scanner. There are 2 computer terminals that are library catalog express terminals, and these access the library catalog only. The primary purpose of all these terminals is to support research.