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Sheet Music

Vintage sheet music from the 1900's through the 1960's has been collected through various donations to the Fine Arts Library. Much of the collection has been cataloged in a "composer / title" file. The collection contains popular, radio, movie, sacred, and operatic music. Newspaper music dating from the late 1890's to the early 1900's is also available as part of this rare collection. This music was published in Sunday supplements of major east coast newspapers. An index to this collection is available at the Fine Arts Library circulation counter. Joseph H. Benton, noted Oklahoma operatic tenor and former University of Oklahoma voice faculty member, donated his musical books and sheet music to the Fine Arts Library. Mr. Benton used much of the sheet music in performance and in his teaching studio and includes his personal annotations. An index to this valuable collection is available in the Fine Arts Library reference section and at the circulation counter.