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Graduate Carrel Policy

Individual Study Carrels

Individual study carrels are for doctoral students only. If you are issued an individual carrel, we will need a letter from your advisor or department confirming you are a Ph.D. student.

Group Study Carrels

Group study carrels are for graduate students. Six to ten students will share a group study carrel.

Applying for a Study Carrel

Applications may be picked up from a secretary in the dean’s office in room 212NW in Bizzell Memorial Library. Return the completed application to the Dean's office in Room 212NW in Bizzell Memorial Library. You will need to bring your OU ID with you when you pick up your key.

Master’s students may check out carrels for two years.

Doctoral students may check out carrels for three years.

However, if you are a Master’s student and use a carrel for two years and go on to a Doctorate program, you may use the carrel for only one more year. Also, you cannot reapply for a carrel.

You may change your current carrel, if another is available, at any time. Come by the Dean’s office, room 212NW of Bizzell Memorial Library.

Carrel Usage

  • Books left for 30 days at a time will be removed monthly, unless checked out to you, by the Access Services department.
  • Please remove all waste from food or drinks when you exit your carrel.
  • Most individual carrels have a computer connection. The group carrels only have one connection.  Free network connections are now available to holders of graduate study carrels in Bizzell Memorial Library. If you are interested in using this service, please check out a network cable from the University Libraries Dean's Office. The University Libraries provides no technical support or assistance with these connections.