Knowledge Base


Time and travel limitations often mean that scholars cannot access original documents but must rely on other materials preserved in microform. As these materials become available, the Bass Business History Collection acquires and serves local and regional clients with items they would otherwise have difficulty using. Listed below are descriptions of just some of the microforms available.

  • Austrian Statistische Zentralcommission - European stastical serials for the period 1843-1881.
  • Bagnall, William R. Sketches of manufacturing establishments in New York City.
  • Civil War and Reconstruction, the making of modern America. The papers of Jay Cooke (1821-1905) from the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
  • Emerson, Harrington. Securing efficiency in railroad work; story of an attempt to apply scientific management.
  • Franklin, Benjamin. Poor Richard's Almanac.
  • Germany's Business Leaders - examination of leaders from 1400-1917 in 426 sheets of fiche.
  • Gordy, Charles B. Scientific management in the automobile industry, 1929.
  • Great Britian Customs and Excise Department records. A list of customs duties collected in Bristol from 1470-1500.
  • Great Northern Railway Co. Papers
  • Hawthorne Study Records - Results of studies conducted at the Hawthorne Works of the Western Electric Company in Chicago during the period 1927 to 1932.
  • Hill, James Jerome, 1838-1916. The papers of James Jerome Hill on 54 microfilm reels.
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Whales. Rare books on accounting and related subjects.
  • Northern Pacific Railway Co. Papers
  • Sears, Roebuck and Company catalogs, 1888-1993.