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Charges for Fines & Lost Books

Maximum Fines for Overdue Materials

The maximum fine for overdue materials is $10.00 per item, and $25.00 per reserve item.

Fines for Overdue Books and Government Documents

Books and Government Documents accrue fines of $0.10 per day. There is a five day grace period for Books and Government Documents during which no fine will be levied. However, on the sixth day, the fine will have accrued to $0.60.

Fines for overdue Books on Recall and Bound Periodicals

Books on Hold/Recall and Bound Periodicals accrue fines of $0.25 per day, with no grace period.

Fines for Overdue Reserve Materials

Reserve materials accrue fines of $1.00 per hour for hourly materials, and $0.25 per day for daily materials, with no grace period. Please visit the branch library pages for specific information about their physical reserve collections and fines.

Fines for Textbooks on Reserve

Reserve textbooks accrue fines at a rate of $1.00 per hour. If you lose or do not return a textbook, you will be charged the full current replacement cost plus a $25 processing fee. Textbooks are considered lost at 24 hours overdue. The replacement cost and processing fee for textbooks are non-refundable. 

Lost Materials

Materials that are 30 days overdue are considered Lost and will be posted to your Bursar account.

Replacement costs, including a $15.00 processing and late fine fee, will be assessed upon billing for lost/overdue materials (minimum replacement cost is $80) and posted to your Bursar account. If a lost item is later found and returned within a reasonable time, the replacement cost may be refunded; processing fees and fines will not be refunded.

Notification of Fine Accrual

Email overdue notices are sent as a courtesy to remind patrons to return materials or renew items before fines accrue.

Appealing a Fine

To appeal a fine, complete the Billing Appeal form.

Impact of Library Fines on Enrollment and Graduation

Once the enrollment process begins the computer will automatically place a hold on student's accounts that owe over $200 on their account whether it is tuition and fees, fines, housing, or any other fee. If your enrollment is on hold due to library fines, please contact the Billing Department at (405)325-1856.

Check your Bursar account.

Students owing more than $200 will still graduate and can go through the ceremony, but they will not officially graduate until their Bursar account is clear. The Bursar's office will not release any transcripts until that bill is paid. Once it is paid, however, the holds on their transcript will be released and their graduation date will be set for when they finished their academic year.