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Lost and Found Policy for Bizzell Memorial Library

The library Lost and Found area is maintained by Library Security. All found items are logged in and stored in locked cabinets, with the exception of books. All departments in Bizzell should turn lost items in at the main circulation desk. Security staff will make reasonable efforts to locate the owners of items. Items are kept for 90 days, then sent to the central Facilities Management Lost and Found, with the following exceptions:

  • Key rings that include university keys are sent to Facilities Management Work Authorization,  (405) 325-6593, immediately.
  • ID cards: University ID cards are turned in to the One Card office, (405)325-3113, if not picked up within three days. Driver’s Licenses are returned to the OK Department of Public Safety, and ATM cards are returned to the issuing bank, after three days.
  • Items of obvious value, like jewelry, laptop computers, cameras, cash, wallets, and checkbooks, are turned over to OUPD, where they will be held for 180 days. University property, weapons, prescription drugs, and controlled substances are also turned over to OUPD.
  • Food products and containers, and items too soiled to be used by a charitable organization, are disposed of immediately.
  • Items contaminated by human or animal waste or body fluids, or otherwise appearing to be a hazardous material, are the responsibility of the Occupational and Environmental Safety Services Office at (405)325-5147.
  • Items rejected by central Lost and Found are donated to charity.
  • Books and audiovisual materials are held for 90 days, then considered for addition to the library collection.

A person claiming an item must be able to describe it accurately and will need to present an ID if the item has a name on it. We throw away after 90 days these items that Facilities Management will not accept: student consumer goods like notebooks, writing instruments, documents, diskettes, and art supplies; recyclable paper; non-University keys; and anything else we judge unlikely to be claimed.

Contact library lost and found by email at or by at (405)325-3341.