01/14/2013 - Art Installation in Bizzell

The next time you're in Bizzell, take a few minutes to view the new art installation near the west entrance in the Loveridge Information Center.  The paintings are on loan from OU's Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and highlight work from OU students through the decades.

About the Installation

This installation includes works of art created by students from the University of Oklahoma. The exhibition includes work produced as early as the 1940s to more recent work from the 2000s. Many of the works received the prestigious T. G. Mays Purchase Award from the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art and became part of the museum’s permanent collection. Other paintings in this exhibition were created as a component of a Master of Fine Arts thesis project and selected for inclusion in the museum collection by the faculty of the School of Art and Art History. This exhibition encapsulates the tremendous diversity of stylistic and thematic approaches OU art students have explored over the past seven decades and provides the university community an opportunity to view the exceptional production of the School of Art.