03/01/2010 - Display in Government Documents

There is currently a U.S. Government Printing Office display in the Government Documents collection on the 4th floor of Bizzell Memorial Library. Created by Congress in 1860, the U.S. Government Printing Office, or GPO, is 150 years old this year. The GPO is an agency in the legislative branch of the U.S. Federal Government. The GPO prints documents produced by and for the Federal Government, including the Supreme Court, Congress, the Executive Office of the President, executive departments, and independent agencies. There are nearly 1,250 GPO depository libraries throughout the U.S. and its territories. The University of Oklahoma Government Documents Collection was established in 1893 and currently houses 2.8 million items as well as providing access to the most up-to-date government publications through the internet. For more information on the GPO or the OU Government Documents Collection, please visit the Government Documents webpage or contact the Government Document Librarian Jeffrey Wilhite.