College of Arts & Sciences - 2011 Faculty Authors

Books with call numbers are available through University Libraries; other titles are on-order and will be received later in the semester.

Botany & Microbiology

Hoefnagels, Marielle. Biology: Concepts and Invesigations. 2nd ed. McGraw-Hill, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, QH 307.2 .H64 2012]

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Nelson, Donna. Fluorine-Related Nanoscience with Energy Applications. 2011. [Bizzell Library, INTERNET]

Classics & Letters

Chambers, P. L. The Natural Histories of the Pliny the Elder: An Advanced Reader and Grammar Review. University of Oklahoma Press, 2011.

Doty, Raplh E. A Translation from Ancient Greek into English of Xenophon's Manual on the Duties of the Cavalry Commander. The Edwin Mellen Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, PA 4495 .H8 D68 2011] 

Harper, Kyle. Slavery in the Late Roman World, AD 275-425. Cambridge University Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, HT 863 .H36 2011]


Rodriguez, Clemencia. Citizens' Media Against Armed Conflict: Disrupting Violence in Columbia. University of Minnesota Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, PN 5052 .R53 2011]


Hobson, Geary. Plain of Jars and Other Stories. Michigan State University Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, PS 3558 .O336937 P57 2011]

Negri, Antonio. trans. Timothy S. Murphy. Trilogy of Resistance. University of Minnesota Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, On Order, PQ 4874 .E326 T7513 2011]

Pratt, Samuel Jackson. ed. Eve Tavor Bannet. Emma Corbett, or the Miseries of Civil War. Cambridge University Press, 2011.

Schleifer, Ronald. Modernism and Popular Music. Cambridge University Press, 2011. [Fine Arts Library, On Order, ML 3477 .S35 2011]

Stalling, Jonathan. Yingelishi: Sinophonic English Poetry and Poetics. Counterpath, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, PS 3619 .T34 9Y56 2011]

Tavor Bennet, Eve. Transatlantic Stories and the History of Reading 1720-1810: Migrant Fictions. Cambridge University Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, PR 129 .U5 B36 2011]

Film & Media Studies

Horton, Andrew. Make a Joyful Noise: Essays on Comparative Cinema, Literature & Culture. Self-published, 2011. [Fine Arts Library, Stacks, ML 420 .J752 A3 2000]

Health & Exercise Science

Branscum, Paul, Ashutosh Atri, and Manoj Sharma. Foundations of Mental Health Promotion. Jones and Bartlett Learning, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, RA 790.53 .S53 2013]


Bradford, Alfred S. Leonidas and the Kings of Sparta: Mightiest Warriors, Fairest Kingdom. Praeger, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, DF 261 .S8 B7 2011]

Cline, Rangar. Ancient Angels: Conceptualizing Angeloi in the Roman Empire. Brill, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, BL 477 .C55 2011]

Hurtado, Albert L. Herbet Eugene Bolton: Historian of the American Borderlands. University of California Press, 2012.

Levenson, Alan T. The Making of the Modern Jewish Bible: How Scholars in Germany, Israel, and America Transformed an Ancient Text. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, BS 1186 .L476 2011]

Schapkow, Carsten. Vorbild UND Gegenbild: Das iberische Judentum in der deutsch-judischen Erinnerungskultur, 1779-1939. Bohlau Verlag GmbH & Cie, Koln Weimar Wien, 2011.

Snell, Daniel C. Religions of the Ancient Near East. Cambridge University Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, BL 1060 .S64 2011]

Stillman, Norman A. ed. Baskin, Judith R. The Cambridge Dictionary of Judaism and Jewish Culture. Cambridge University Press, 2011.

Stockdale, Melissa. Space, Place, and Power in Modern Russia: Essays in the New Spatial History. University of Northern Illinois Press, 2010. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, DK 18 .S667 2010]

Ward, Janet. Post-Wall Berlin: Borders, Space and Identity. Palgrave MacMillan, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, DD 881.3 .W37 2011]

Wrobel, David M. Promised Lands: Promotion, Memory, and the Creation of the American West. University Press of Kansas, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, F 591 .W935 2011]

Yarbrough, Fay. Gender and Sexuality in Indigenous North America, 1400-1850. University of South Carolina Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, E 98 .S48 G64 2011]

Library and Information Studies

Abbas, June. Teens, Libraries, and Social Networking: What Librarians Need to Know. ABC-Clio Publishers, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, Z 718.5 .T446 2011]

Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics

Cortest, Luis. R. Moshe Almonsnino: Regimiento de la Vida. Madrid: Editorial Verbum, 2010.

Lemon, Robert. Imperial Messages: Orientalism as Self-Critique in the Habsburg Fin de Siecle. Rochester: Camden House, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, PT 3822 .L46 2011]

Whalen, Logan. ed. Catherine M. Jones. Li premerains vers: Essays in Honor of Keith Busby. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, PQ 151 .L5 2011]

Whalen, Logan. A Companion to Marie de France. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, PQ 1495 .W42 2011]

Yu, Ning. Embodiment via Body Parts: Studies From Various Languages and Cultures. Human Cognitive Processing Series, 31. John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, P 35 .E45 2011]

Native American Studies

Ellick, Carol J. The Anthropology Graduate's Guide: From Student to a Career. Left Coast Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, GN 41.8 E55 2011]


Olberding, Amy. Moral Exemplars in the Analects: The Good Person is That. Routledge Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, BJ 117 .O43 2012]

Olderberg, Amy and Philip J. Ivanhoe. Mortality in Traditional Chinese Thought. State Univ. of New York Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, B 5233 .D43 M67 2011]

Political Science

Ahram, Ariel. Proxy Warriors: The Rise and Fall of State-Sponsored Militias. Stanford Security Studies, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, UA 13 .A35 2011]

Goode, J. Paul. The Decline of Regionalism in Putin's Russia: Boundary Issues. Routledge Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, JN 6693.5 .R43 G66 2011]

Havercroft, Jonathan. Captives of Sovereignty. Cambridge University Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, JC 327 .H33 2011]

Wert, Justin J. Habeas Corpus in America: The Politics of Individual Rights. University Press of Kansas, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, KF 9011 .W47 2011]

Religious Studies

Kimball, Charles. When Religion Becomes Lethal: The Explosive Mix of Politics and Religion in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Jossey-Bass, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, BL 65 .P7 K5695 2011]

Vishanoff, David. The Formation of Islamic Hermeneutics: How Sunni Legal Theorists Imagined a Revealed Law. American Oriental Society, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, KBP 285 .V57 2011]


Schlupp, Ingo. Ecology and Evolution of Poeciliid Fishes. The University of Chicago Press, 2011. [Bizzell Library, Stacks, QL 638 .P73 E28 2011]