Cephalopod Slab

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southeastern Morocco or southwest Algeria

Geologic Range:
Subclass Ammonoidea
(ammonite) Devonian to Cretaceous(408-63 million years ago)
Subclass Nautiloidea
(nautiloid) Cambrian to present
600 million years ago to present


Approximate Age of Specimen:
Late Devonian (375-355 million years ago)


This 1.9 meter (76 inch) by 1 meter (40 inch) slab composed of former marine floor sediments contains well preserved, coiled fossils called ammonites. This ammonite (genus Manticoceras) is used globally as a time-indicator of Late Devonian rocks. The fossils are said to be "incomplete" because several of the outer chambers are missing. The straight fossils are of the Subclass Nautiloidea.


Unique to this slab is the presence of both ammonites and straight nautiloids. Although it is rare to find these cephalopods together, they do occur in North Africa. Also collectors frequently extract the individual fossils specimens from such a slab.

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