School Group Visits

Arranging a School Group Visit

Individuals wishing to arrange a group visit should contact the library at least two weeks in advance. All group visits are coordinated through the Library Instruction Coordinator, (405)325-4231.

Classes in grades 10-12 are accepted if they have a substantial library research assignment. We suggest that lower grades use their school or local public library where more age appropriate information is available.

Group size should be limited to 30 students. We strongly recommend one adult supervisor for every 15 students.

The first eight weeks of the semester are heavily scheduled with OU classes and the last three weeks are final study times, however every effort will be made to accommodate all requests. Please have alternative dates and times in mind when requesting a visit. Groups will be scheduled on a first-come basis with priority given to OU students.

When you call to schedule, we will need:

  • Class/group name and school
  • Contact person and phone number
  • Date and time of visit and alternatives
  • Number of students and adults attending
  • Purpose of the visit. Please supply information about research topics so we can better prepare the instruction session.
  • Length of visit.

Tours of Bizzell Memorial Library

Tours of Bizzell Memorial Library can be arranged through the OU Visitor Center in conjunction with a campus tour.

What is included in the instruction session?

Groups will be given a brief instruction session in the library’s classroom followed by a tour of Bizzell Memorial Library. The session will include searching the catalog and databases and will emphasize the organization and locations of materials in the library. Each session lasts about 1 hour.

Generally, we do not offer building tours for groups apart from an instruction session. Tours of Bizzell Memorial Library can be arranged through the OU Visitor Center in conjunction with a campus tour.

If you wish to visit one of our special collections such as the History of Science or Westen History collections, please contact them directly for tour information.

Preparing for Your Visit

A library visit will be more meaningful if your students have clearly defined topics to research. We recommend that your students look at the library’s web page and do some basic searching in the catalog prior to your visit.

Please contact the University’s parking office for instructions on parking; their telephone number is (405)325-3311.

Services Available


Photocopies cost 10¢ per page if paying with cash and 7¢ per page with a copy card. Students may purchase a visitor copy card for 75¢ and then place dollar value on the card.


Persons under 18 years of age with no OU affiliation are not allowed to check out library materials. Any Oklahoma resident who is at least 18 years of age may apply for a Borrowers Permits for an annual fee of $50.00.

Computer use

Computers in the Library Instruction Room will be available for student use during the visit. To use computers throughout the library, students must present a photo ID at the Information desk to obtain a guest log-in. Printing from a computer may only be paid for with a copy card and costs 5¢ per printed side.

Appropriate Behavior During the Visit

Out of consideration for other library users, visiting students are expected to work quietly and behave in an appropriate manner. No food or drink is allowed in the library outside of The Bookmark coffee shop. The supervising teacher will assume full responsibility for the behavior of the group.

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