Better Practices: Intro to Git and GitHub

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Collaborative Learning Classroom (LL123)

Better Practices: Intro to Git and GitHub

Git is a distributive version-control system for tracking source code files during development. While designed to be a tool for software developers, this tool can be used to track changes for any set of files. This workshop will introduce for learners the concepts of how git works and to establish a basic workflow for using version-control for beginners. Git is a local service that stores all of its files on the host computer. To enhance its capabilities, this workshop will also introduce learners to the cloud hosted GitHub which facilitates the reproducibility and collaborative efforts in research.

At the end, learners should be able:

* Understand what is automated version-control
* How to set up Git
* Create a repository
* Track changes and history 
* Remote repositories on GitHub

Requirements for this beginner workshop is a laptop, some familiarity working on the command line (Bash shell). In addition we ask for learners to install the Git software following the instructions found here for your Operating System.

Better Practices is a new beginner- and intermediate-level workshop collection for researchers presented by DAVIS @ OU Libraries, in coordination with the OU Digital Skills Hub. These workshops cover basic tools for working with data and computing skills needed in all research fields. 

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