Survival Skills: Managing Research Data

Event Location
Collaborative Learning Classroom (LL123)

Survival Skills: Managing Research Data

Managing Research Data will help you start your project off right by considering how you will manage your data, filenaming, folder structures, readmes, and how your datasets relate to each other (spreadsheets vs databases).

By the end of Managing Research Data, you should be able to
  • understand file naming best practices
  • understand file/directory organization best practices
  • be able to write a readme file with necessary elements
  • understand different formats for organizing data: spreadsheets, flat files, databases
Registration is recommended.

Survival Skills is a new beginner-level workshop collection for researchers presented by DAVIS @ OU Libraries, in coordination with the OU Digital Skills Hub. These workshops cover basic data and computing skills needed in all research fields. No prior experience needed (i.e., no prerequisites.)

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