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Employee Directory

Name Departments
Adams, James Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center
Anderson, Daren Cataloging & Metadata
Annis, Jonathan Cataloging & Metadata
Antell, Karen Architecture Library
Austin, Lawrence Youngblood Energy Library
Bailey, Jeremiah Acquisitions
Baker, Stacey
Beaman, Alexis Interlibrary Loan
Bierman, James Engineering Library
Boldis, Viktoria Acquisitions
Boulden, Kristal Scholarly Services & Research Initiatives
Bowen, Sonya Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Burnes, James History of Science Collections
Camp, Twila Web Services
Cannon, Rhonda Administration
Carlisle, Tara Digital Scholarship Laboratory
Chapman, Tracy Architecture Library
Chinn, Katherine Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Clair, Jamison Cataloging & Metadata
Clayton, Sarah Digital Scholarship Laboratory
Coffman, Ila M Grice Cataloging & Metadata
Cook, Matthew Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center
Corbett, Caitlin Library Technology Platforms
Corbly, David Repository Services
Cox, Logan Repository Services
Darling, Cassondra Scholarly Services & Research Initiatives
Davis, Quinn Library Technology Platforms
De Lany, Vicky Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Doescher, Starla Acquisitions
Duan, Xiaoyu Cataloging & Metadata
Duckles, Jonah Informatics and Innovation
Edwards, Jay Fine Arts Library
Erickson, Denise
Fitzpatrick, Richard Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Foote, Jody Youngblood Energy Library
Fox, Doni Circulation
Golomb, Liorah Scholarly Services & Research Initiatives
Goodman, Alexandra
Gough, Alexandria Western History Collections
Grant, Carl Administration
Knowledge Services
Hackney, Shannon Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Hahn, Susan Scholarly Services & Research Initiatives
Harvey, J. G. History of Science Collections
Hennessey, John Library Technology Platforms
Hickey, Katherine History of Science Collections
Hirst, James Library Technology Platforms
Hogan, Mallory Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Huber, Sara Interlibrary Loan
Hwang, Jueun Collection Management
Irons, Carolyn Cataloging & Metadata
Jerman, Hadley Western History Collections
Julian, Chelsea Public Relations & Strategic Initiatives
Kayali, Nour
Kersten-Gates, Brigitte Acquisitions
Kickham, Rheannon
Kowaleski, Barbara Access & Delivery Services
Laufersweiler, Mark Research Data
Laufersweiler, Barbara Digitization Laboratory
Liang, Sau (Emily) Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Livesey, Carilyn History of Science Collections
Lovett, John Western History Collections
Luce, Richard Administration
Magruder, Kerry History of Science Collections
Marsh, Jayson Circulation
Mc Cain, Cheryl Undergraduate Services & Learning Initiatives
Mc Clung, Scott Acquisitions
Mc Clurkin, Barbara
McCarthick, Jana Circulation
McDonald, Jenna History of Science Collections
Mead-Harvey, Carolyn Scholarly Services & Research Initiatives
Michener, Vicki Government Documents
Moser, Jennifer Circulation
Mowry, Bethany History of Science Collections
Murphy, Molly Interlibrary Loan
Myers, Larry Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Niccum, Barbara History of Science Collections
Noad, S. Robin Fine Arts Library
Ogilvie, Marilyn
Oliphant, Courtney Engineering Library
Ortega, Lina Scholarly Services & Research Initiatives
Owens, Brittany
Palmeri, JoAnn History of Science Collections
John and Mary Nichols Collection
Peng, Qianyun Scholarly Services & Research Initiatives
Perkins, Kathleen Cataloging & Metadata
Piel, Jordan Fine Arts Library
Pothineni, Sri Harsha Digital Scholarship Laboratory
Purkaple, Brent History of Science Collections
Rapacz, Haley
Reese, Jacquelyn Western History Collections
Reiss, Fredrick Digital Data/Metadata and E-Content Licensing Services
Reynolds, Tara Western History Collections
Richards, Sean History of Science Collections
Rickman, Melissa History of Science Collections
Ritchie, Blake
Robbins, Sarah Administration
Public Relations & Strategic Initiatives
Roberts, Cari Library Technology Platforms
Rogers, Stephen Cataloging & Metadata
Rothermel, Manette Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Rowe, Montana Digital Data/Metadata and E-Content Licensing Services
Rupp-Serrano, Karen Administration
Collection Management
Scholarly Communication
Schultz, Rick Digitization Laboratory
Scrivener, Laurie Scholarly Services & Research Initiatives
Sherman, Jason Library Technology Platforms
Shoffit, Daniel Cataloging & Metadata
Shorten, Jay Cataloging & Metadata
Smeltzer, Amanda Acquisitions
Southwell, Kristina Western History Collections
Spencer, Mary Ellen Undergraduate Services & Learning Initiatives
Stalling, Jonathan Special Collections
Stark, Karen Acquisitions
Steele, Thomas Cataloging & Metadata
Stock, Matthew Architecture Library
Fine Arts Library
Strothmann, Molly Scholarly Services & Research Initiatives
Szkirpan, Elyssa Acquisitions
Thompson, Kelly Acquisitions
Thompson, Nicole
Tillotson, Calantha Undergraduate Services & Learning Initiatives
Turner, Jaymie Acquisitions
Vaughn, Debra Finance, Administration and Human Resources
Vesel, Matjaz
Widener, Jeffrey Collection Management
Wiens, Madeleine Western History Collections
Wilhite, Jeffrey Government Documents
Wilson, William Acquisitions
Wong, Katherine Cataloging & Metadata
Workman, Amber Acquisitions
Wormley, Micah
Zemke, Stacy Collection Management
Zemke, Eric Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center
Zhang, Zhongda Repository Services
Zhao, Tao Repository Services