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Books That Inspire 2003

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Books comprise the soul –
the spirit –
of a great institution of learning.

William Bennett Bizzell
President, University of Oklahoma (1925 – 1941)

I am pleased to present the University of Oklahoma Libraries’ 3rd annual Books That Inspire exhibit. Its opening coincides with National Library Week, April 6 – 12, 2003, and seeks to promote reading as a way to broaden one’s perspective on life. We are fortunate to have the University of Oklahoma Athletics Department as a co-presenter of the exhibit again this year. I also want to thank Dr. Frank and Judy Wang, Arvest Bank, First Fidelity Bank, the University of Oklahoma Michael F. Price College of Business, and the University of Oklahoma Honors College who are this year’s sponsors. It is their support that makes this exhibit possible.

For a third time, University of Oklahoma faculty and staff have responded enthusiastically to the call for contributions and we are once more able to present fifty-one books that have provided inspiration to their readers. As in years past, contributors represent a wide cross section of disciplines on campus and I am impressed with the range and diversity of their messages. These recommended books offer spiritual and personal growth, new insights into everyday living, and have opened new opportunities for their readers. These books have helped readers overcome adversity and to live life more fully. They have provided solace for their readers; they have caused readers to change their minds about events and concepts, and had a liberating effect on many. The liberating aspects of reading are among the most valuable legacies of books for every generation.

We are fortunate to live in a country that permits free access to books regardless of their message. We are also fortunate to be part of a society that values reading and libraries. The fifty-one titles presented in this exhibit are offered with the hope that they will inspire others as much as they have those recommending them. I am grateful for the opportunity to present this year’s contributors and their books to exhibit viewers.

Sul H. Lee
Dean, University Libraries
The University of Oklahoma