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Books That Inspire 2005

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Welcome to the University of Oklahoma Libraries' fifth Books That Inspire exhibit. The purpose of the exhibit is to draw attention to National Library Week and to promote reading. While we eagerly join the American Library Association in this annual event, we recognize that making books available and promoting reading is a year-around mission of the University Library. It is gratifying to see that we have again received fifty-two contributions for this annual exhibit. We believe that there is no better venue than a library for presenting books that have inspire readers.

I would like to extend a special welcome to President Boren who is contributing for a second time. We greatly appreciate his willingness to take part.

The number of exhibit sponsors has grown substantially this year. There are now eleven university colleges and administrative offices and three loyal contributors from the private sector, Dr. Wang and Judy Wang, and Arvest Bank supporting the exhibit. To all of them thank you. It is their financial support that makes the exhibit possible.

I also want to thank the University of Oklahoma Athletics Department for its continuing co-sponsorship of the exhibit. The Athletics Department, under the leadership of Athletics Director Joe Castiglione, has been a partner and contribution in this exhibit since its inception in 2001. The unprecedented support of the Athletics Department has helped to make this exhibit the success that it is.

The contributors who share their insights about the books that have inspired them constitute the heart and soul of the exhibit. Each year I am pleasantly surprised at the wide range of topics represented and the very few duplicated titles. The diversity of the books chosen is proof positive that inspiration comes from many different genres and subject areas. I very much appreciate all those who provided essays for this year's exhibit and I hope that all those viewing will find new inspiration in the books recommended.

Sul H. Lee
Dean, University Libraries