Books That Inspire 2005

Big Fish
Daniel Wallace

Living with a great storyteller, William Bloom grew up in a world of wonders where the line between reality and myth was a thin one. At the center of his world is his father, Edward Bloom, a great lover of life and unparalleled weaver of tales. Edward lived life to the fullest, traveling through the Place with No Name, fighting Don Price for the love of Sandra and twice saving the life of young William.

In Edward’s final days, he and William recount the many tales of Edward’s life – the places he’s seen and people he’s met along the way, and together explore the place he will soon be.

Big Fish is a story of a great life lived and a great way to die, the bonding of a father and son and the love of a good tale. It’s about dreaming big and accepting that dying is not the end of life, but a transformation for those who believe in a great journey with no end.
Brooks Hull
Director of Development
College of Engineering