Books That Inspire 2005

Out of a Silent Planet
C.S. Lewis

Out of a Silent Planet is the first book in the space trilogy by C.S. Lewis. It follows the fantastical and strenuous adventures of Dr. Elwin Ransom through the outreaches of Earth to other worlds. When he starts out, he is just a simple professor, but he is forced to defend his beliefs and become a courageous and heroic man.

This trilogy is from his lesser known works, such as his Christian apologetics and Chronicles of Narnia, but still they are just as powerful and imaginative. I have always been fascinated with the fantasy story since I was young, but this trilogy definitely has more appeal for the adult reader. It has also inspired me to develop a freshman seminar at OU about the fantasy series of Lewis and Tolkien entitled Middle-Earth, Narnia, and Beyond.
Brian Nossaman
Senior Academic Counselor
University College