Books That Inspire 2010

Oklahoma Statesman: The Life of David Boren
Bob Burke and Von Russell Creel

This is an inspiring biography highlighting the illustrious and many-faceted career of a native Oklahoman, David L. Boren. From the first page onward you will be drawn into the political intrigues and personalities of many of the world’s most powerful people. It is an intriguing story of significant events and the individuals whose decisions have shaped our lives and will continue to influence us in the future. Boren, always ready to “reach across the aisle” to work with others to focus on issues, not partisan interests, provides a model worthy of emulation. With education as a hallmark theme throughout his life, this biography aptly describes the life of a true statesman and his quest for a better world.

From Books That Inspire 2009.

Daniel Wren
Curator, Harry W. Bass Business History Collection
David Ross Boyd Professor Emeritus