Books That Inspire 2002

African Architecture Evolution and Transformation
Nnamdi Elleh

Despite the global nature of our societies today, the history of world architecture is still dominated by Eurocentric ideologies. African Architecture Evolution and Transformation by Nnamdi Elleh presents a concise history of African architecture. This very inspirational book brings to limelight the triple heritage of Africa: traditional, western, and Islamic cultures and their influences on the architecture of the continent. It is a very comprehensive account of African architecture where design educators can find pedagogical models for introducing African architecture to design dialogue. Unlike other architectural historians who either shy away from this discourse or present microscopic information which addresses African architecture as primitive, Elleh traces African architecture from 6000 B.C. to contemporary times. Elleh's African Architecture Evolution and Transformation is an excellent repertoire of Afrocentric architectural ideologies.
Abimbola Asojo
Assistant Professor
Architecture/Interior Design