Books That Inspire 2007

Brief Garland
Harold Keith

Brief Garland is a book about passion and authenticity and the treasure you can sometimes stumble upon when you're looking in other directions. It is the story of a ball coach who dreams of coaching boys' basketball and is forced instead to coach girls. It is a tale of triumph-the triumph of a team, of a coach, of a sport, and of a perspective. Through the story of one coach's awakening to all that is unique about coaching the female athlete, we are reminded of the life lessons revealed through participation in sport. Brief Garland is an accurate historical account of the coming of age of the sport of girls' basketball in Oklahoma. Its characters are rich and real; its storyline is pure inspiration. Brief Garland resonates uniquely within those of us who lived 6 on 6 basketball in Oklahoma gyms but it speaks to all. Its lessons cross the lines of gender, age and locale. Harold Keith's story reminds its readers that greatness comes in a variety of forms...and it abounds.
Sherri Coale
Head Women's Basketball Coach
Athletics - Women's Basketball