Books That Inspire 2008

A Letter to America
David Boren

A Letter to America is the first book President David L. Boren has written, and I can honestly say this has been a work in progress for several years. President Boren describes his book as a "wake-up call" to all Americans. His letter addresses several issues facing our country. In his writing, we learn where we are as a country and how we are viewed worldwide. President Boren analyzes our system of government and problems caused by partisan politics and campaign corruption. He measures the economic health of our country and the devastation that will result if our middle class continues to disappear. President Boren not only discusses these challenges but logically answers his call of what “we” can do as Americans and how “we” can respond to the situation facing us today. A Letter to America is an historical lesson that is taught to us by a true American. President Boren’s sound advice and direction teaches us the importance of coming together as a nation and not letting our country falter, or even pause, at this most critical time in our history.

Tripp J Hall
Vice President
University Development