Knowledge Base

Computer Workstation Policies

Workstations within University Libraries

The workstations located in Bizzell and in the branch libraries are intended to be used for library research. The workstations have Internet access so patrons can access the library catalog, the databases and electronic journals, and to use the internet for research related purposes.

Individuals may use only one workstation at a time.

When others are waiting for a computer the following policies are followed:

  • Priority is given to seeking information for research purposes.
  • Individuals using workstations only as a place to study or who are using the workstation for recreational purposes such as email, chat, etc. will be asked to give up the workstation.
  • Individuals or groups conducting research are limited to 30 minutes.

Computer Assistance

  • Assistance is provided in locating information and understanding how to search various components of the network.
  • Users are responsible for their own searching, printing or downloading, and collecting the results.

Changing the Display on the Public Computers

The unauthorized resetting of displays or altering the configuration on library computers is considered a misuse of computing facilities.