Our Mission

The University Libraries, in support of the mission of the University of Oklahoma, develops and maintains programs that provide access to the informational resources necessary to fulfill the academic, research, artistic, scholarly and community leadership objectives of the University. University Libraries also recognizes its obligation to the local community, the state, other libraries, and scholars in general.


Our Values

The University of Oklahoma Libraries serves the University of Oklahoma community by being open and inclusive.  We build trust with our community and with one another by actively demonstrating these core values in all that we do: 

  • Collaboration: We promote collaboration through teamwork and cooperation to pursue common goals.

  • Diversity: We welcome diversity by encouraging an inclusive environment that supports curiosity and the free exchange of ideas in our spaces, services, and collections.

  • Engagement: We engage the global community with our commitment to lifelong learning for all by communicating the value of our collections and resources through both innovative and traditional means.

  • Integrity: We are dedicated to providing our services ethically and honestly, treating all persons fairly and with respect.

  • Learning: We value learning as a lifelong process and strive to be responsive to new challenges and opportunities in the pursuit of knowledge and professional and intellectual growth.

  • Organizational Agility: We commit to teamwork, technological flexibility, approachability and responsiveness to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our patrons.