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Boudinot, Frank J.
Printed materials 1893-1910
.25 foot

Politician. Typescripts of newspaper editorials and articles (1893-1910) regarding the activities of Boudinot, an attorney and political leader in the Cherokee Nation and the Keetoowah Society.
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Boudinot, W. P. (d. 1898)
Printed materials 1870-1899
.25 foot

Editor. Typescripts of articles (1870-1899), by or about W. P. Boudinot, from various Cherokee Indian newspapers and relating to the Indian policy of the federal government, the Cherokee Orphan Asylum, land transfers, and railroads in Indian Territory.
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Bushyhead, Dennis Wolfe (1826-1898)
Papers 1879-1922
.50 foot

Indian chief. Correspondence (1879-1897); annual messages (1879-1882); speeches (1879-1887); an autobiography (1880); proclamations (1879-1885); and other papers (1879-1922) relating to political matters in which Bushyhead was involved as principal chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1879-1887, and a representative to the Dawes Commission, and to the controversies growing out of the Cherokee Strip Livestock Association's operations.
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Carselowey, James Manford
Papers 1859-1937
3 items

Historian. A manuscript (1883) containing instructions to the Cherokee National Council's Washington, D.C., delegation as approved by D. W. Bushyhead, principal chief; a typescript concerning a flowing oil well brought in during 1859 in the Cherokee Nation; and correspondence (1937) describing the history of Grand River Dam in Oklahoma.
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Chelsea (Indian Territory) Town Records Collection
Records 1893-1899
.33 foot

Municipality. Minutes of the Chelsea, Indian Territory, city council (1893-1896); city assessments for 1899; summons for witnesses (1896-1897); and a warrant (1899) for disturbing the peace. Chelsea was originally in the Cherokee Nation.
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Cherokee Nation Papers
Papers 1801-1982
83 feet

Indian tribe. Official correspondence, letter press books, reports, chiefs' messages, speeches of delegates, proceedings, laws, court decisions, acts, leases, election returns, registers of removal claims, and clippings related to the affairs of the Cherokee Nation. Specifically included are groups of records and papers related to the Cherokee Advocate (1869-1906); the Cherokee Boundary Survey (1871-1873); the Cherokee census (1868-1901); the Cherokee Outlet (1871-1896); citizenship (1856-1904); the Creek War or the William Cobb murder case (1880-1885); the Dawes Commission (1894-1907); delegations, agents and attorneys (1816-1910); the Eastern (North CarOnline Cataloga) Cherokee (1871-1906); education (1856-1906); elections (1856-1901); the Insane Asylum (1874-1907); intruders (1868-1902); legislative affairs (1837-1905); licenses, permits and fees (1856-1902); U.S. - Cherokee disputes (1874-1899); executive documents (1801-1909); financial records (1868-1909); national officers (1856-1902); the national prison and high sheriff (1870-1900); Old Settlers (1875-1902); pardons and commutations (1876-1897); per capita payments (1875-1902); railroads (1866-1900); rewards and extraditions (1877-1888); smallpox (1882-1900); suspensions (1877-1896); town lots (1858-1911); the Vann murder case (1879-1881); Cherokee Nation printed documents (1801-1982); Stand and Sarah C. Watie papers (1832-1881); Ridge and Boudinot family papers (1835-1890); James Madison Bell papers (1836-1908); general correspondence (1836-1908); Cherokee Treaty Fund claims (1837-1850); Civil War records (1861-1866); and general documents (1824-1893).
The Cherokee Nation Papers inventory is available in published form. Click here to view citation.


Foreman, Stephen (1807-1881)
Papers 1837-1881
.10 foot

Missionary. Typescripts of Foreman's journals (1862-1868) describing life in the Cherokee Nation during the Civil War, along with letters (1864-1881) written by Foreman regarding the same, and letters (1837-1881) to members of the Foreman family.
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Gomes, Pat
Papers 1864-1875
.10 foot

Collector. Photocopies of documents (1864-1875) relating to the Worcester Willey family and Dwight Mission, Indian Territory.
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Griffitts, James Addison (1859-1931)
Papers 1906-1940
.25 foot

Minister. Publications (1907-1940), including The Christian Workers Magazine, booklets produced by the American Friends (Quakers) regarding an African mission and national service efforts, and one textbook used at the Friends Hillside Mission in Indian Territory and Oklahoma; and minutes (1906-1907) of the ministry and oversight meetings held at the Friends mission at Vera, Indian Territory. The minutes of only two meetings are recorded. The collection also includes a biographical sketch of Griffitts. View the James Addison Griffitts Collection Inventory


Harris, C. Johnson (1856-ca. 1922)
Printed materials 1892-1922
.66 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1892-1922) on Cherokee Nation governmental issues such as allotment, the Dawes Commission, land transfers, and tribal politics during Harris's tenure as chief of the Cherokees and his service in the Cherokee senate.
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Hendricks, James R. (b. 18l7)
Papers 1859-1902
1 foot

Judge. General and family correspondence (1865-1902); notebooks and journals (1862-1887); speeches (1866-1888); and legal documents (1859-1894) dealing with the Cherokee National Party, the Cherokee Nation Blind Asylum, pensions, and Cherokee Indian medicines.
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Hewes, Leslie (1906-1999)
Papers 1901-1912, 1928-1998
11.3 foot

Geography professor. Research notes and township maps (ca. 1937) of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, on which Hewes plotted the following data: which groups (categorized by degree of Indian blood, intermarried citizens, or freedmen) settled which allotments, along with the classification of these allotments and the appraised value per acre of each. Hewes used the information included on these maps to write his dissertation, “The Geography of the Cherokee Country of Oklahoma,” at the University of California in 1940. Also included are research files (1928-1998), maps (1921-1987), and correspondence relating to Hewes’ teaching and publications; research notes and data on the geography and agriculture of the Central Great Plains, irrigation, and land fencing; lecture notes from geography classes taught by Hewes and class notes taken by Hewes as a graduate student; biographical and other materials related to Hewes’ professional career and studies at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Oklahoma. View the Leslie Hewes Collection Inventory



Hill, George Washington (1834-1925)
Records 1858-1907
.10 foot

Merchant. Land titles and deeds (1858-1879) from Georgia and the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory; an admission ticket to the 1900 Democratic Party national convention, and minutes (1900) of the Vinita, Indian Territory, Democratic Club; an election poll list and tally sheet (1907) from Vinita, Indian Territory, and one court document (1886) of the Cooweescoowee District Court, Cherokee Nation.
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Jordan, John D.
Papers 1839-1903
.10 foot

Collector. A letter (1842) to Stand Watie from John R. Ridge regarding the Ross faction and the death of James Foreman, and a biography (n.d.) of Stand Watie, compiled by the Daughters of the Confederacy. Watie was a prominent Cherokee leader.
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Mankiller, Wilma
Papers 1977-1995
45 feet

Indian chief. Official and personal correspondence, subject files, business records of the Cherokee Nation and Wilma Mankiller for the period 1977-1995, including personal correspondence (1993-1995); correspondence (1985-1995) with members of the U.S. Congress and the National Congress of American Indians; tribal council correspondence (1990-1994); Cherokee National Historical Society correspondence (1990-1995); and general correspondence (1982-1995). Subject files relating to Native American Rights Fund (1989-1993); U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs central office (1988-1995); U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Muskogee, Oklahoma, area office (1989-1995); Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes (1977-1995); the National Congress of American Indians (1993-1995); the Tribal Election Commission (1985-1994); and tribal council meetings (1985-1993). Business and financial records of the Cherokee Nation concerning Cherokee Gardens (1981-1991); the Bingo Outpost (1989-1995); and Cherokee Nation Industries (1977-1995), along with budget, accounting, and audit papers. Education and training records of the Cherokee Nation concerning the Job Training Partnership Act (1993-1995); Head Start (1985-1995); Oaks Mission School (1977-1995); Sequoyah High School (1984-1995); and Talking Leaves Job Corps. Community development and housing files related to block grants (1985-1995); the Community Loan Fund (1987-1994); the Bell Project (1981-1987); the Cherokee Housing Authority (1993-1994); and the Home Improvement Program (1985-1994). Health issue files relating to Indian health services (1991-1995) and the National Indian Health Board (1985-1992). Environmental program records relating to the Arkansas Riverbed Authority (1993-1994) and papers relating to Mankiller's books and other writings, with genealogical materials concerning her family.  View the Wilma Mankiller Collection Inventory


Mayes, Joel Bryan (1833-1891)
Printed materials 1886-1905
.66 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles and correspondence (1886-1905) of Mayes, a principal chief of the Cherokees, concerning tribal politics and the dissolution of tribal title to the Cherokee Strip.
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Mayes, Samuel Houston (1845-1927)
Printed materials 1882-1928
.66 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1882-1928) relating to Mayes's tenure as principal chief of the Cherokees and his negotiations with the Dawes Commission, the preparation of the tribal roll, and the assignment of lands.
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Oochalata Collection (d. 1891)
Printed materials 1875-1891
.75 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1875-1891), including biographical items, editorials, speeches, and messages of Oochalata, also known as Charles Thompson, the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, 1875-1878, mostly relating to education, schools, finances, Cherokee Indian lands, and tribal government in general.
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Oskison, John Milton (1874-1947)
Papers ca. 1917-1947
.10 foot

Author. A photo identification pass (1917) issued by the American Commission to Negotiate Peace of World War I, along with two unpublished manuscripts (n.d.), one entitled "The Singing Bird," and the other an unfinished autobiography which chronicles Oskison's life in the Cherokee Nation and elsewhere. View the John Milton Oskison Collection Inventory


Piburn, Anne Ross
Papers 1883-1958
.25 foot

 Collector. Programs (1937-1958) of the yearly reunions of Cherokee seminary graduates; a report (1955) regarding the old Murrell home in Tahlequah, Indian Territory; a report (1953) regarding New Echota, Cherokee Nation; a publication (1954) of the Cherokee Foundation, Inc. entitled Tsa La Gi' Ga Nah Se Da'; an undated list of freedmen granted Cherokee citizenship; and memorials (1883-1899) of the Cherokee Nation and its delegation to the U.S. Congress.
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Robey, Roberta (b. ca. 1891)
Diary 1833-1835
1 item

Missionary. A diary (1833-1835) of Cassandra Sawyer Lockwood describing her journey to the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, and life at Dwight Mission. The diary includes mention of efforts by the mission staff to free slaves.


Rogers, William Charles
Printed materials 1893-1907
.66 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of editorials and newspaper articles (1893-1907) concerning Rogers, the last principal chief of the Cherokees prior to statehood; a court case in 1900; the 1903 campaign for chief of the Cherokees; the closing of tribal government; and the Sequoyah Movement.
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Ross, John (1790-1866)
Printed materials 1829-1874
.50 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1829-1874) regarding Ross, the history of the Cherokee Indians, and political and social conditions within the Cherokee Nation.
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Ross, William Potter (1820-1891)
Printed materials 1866-1891
.75 foot

Indian chief. Typescripts of newspaper articles (1866-1891) of Ross's messages and instructions to the Cherokee Nation, the Cherokee council, and the Cherokee delegation to Washington, D.C., regarding reconstruction, tribal government, financial matters, organization of Oklahoma Territory, education, Sequoyah, and the use of lands, along with biographical information on Ross.
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Slover, James Anderson, Sr. (b. 1824)
Manuscript 1826-1907
1 item

Missionary. A photocopy of the autobiography (ca. 1907) of James Slover, a missionary to the Cherokee Nation during the Civil War. The typewritten manuscript contains his observations of Cherokee Indian attitudes and opinions concerning slavery, support of and participation in the Civil War, and the Confederacy, with specific reference to the Cherokee regiment organized and led by Stand Watie, and Slover's duties as regimental chaplain. Also included are accounts of post-Civil War difficulties in Arkansas due to the depressed economy, race relations, and the Reconstruction government, and Slover's subsequent decision to move to California.


Updegraff, Ruth
Papers 1843-1909
3 Items

Collector. Copies of two declarations of sale (1832, 1853) of slaves in the Cherokee Nation and a declaration of land allotment (1909).


Welch, Oklahoma, Town Records Collection
Records 1899-1926
.66 foot

Municipality. A criminal docket (1899-1909) for the municipal court of Welch, and the minutes (1911-1926) of the town council. Welch, located in the Delaware District of the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, is now in Craig County, Oklahoma. View the Welch Town Records Collection Inventory


Woodward, Grace
Manuscript 1957
1 item

Writer. A manuscript (1957) by Woodward recounting the efforts of Edward D. Hicks, a Cherokee Indian, to establish the Cherokee Telephone Company at Tahlequah, Indian Territory, in 1885.


Worcester Academy Collection
Printed materials 1885-1890
.25 foot

Indian school. Catalogs (1885-1890) of the academy listing trustees, officers, faculty, students, course offerings, and a general history and description of the school; a copy (1884) of "Pages from Cherokee Indian History" by Nevada Couch, and photocopies of documents relating to the founding and operation of the academy. Also included is a copy of the University of Oklahoma's Extension Review which is devoted to the life and career of Joseph W. Scroggs, the founder of Worcester Academy.
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