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  • Early Day Norman

    Street scene in a business district
    COLEMAN 28

    First National Bank and other businesses. circa 1903
    COLEMAN 29

    A five-team wagon of oxen in front of a cotton oil seed plant.
    COLEMAN 30

    Stone school building
    COLEMAN 31

    West Side School. circa 1900
    COLEMAN 32

    Central block in business district. pre-1901
    COLEMAN 33

    Five-story brick building housing several businesses
    COLEMAN 34

    East Side School, circa 1895
    COLEMAN 35

    East Side School, circa 1900
    COLEMAN 37

    Automobile decorated as a parade
    COLEMAN 45

    Frame home, circa 1900
    COLEMAN 53

    Fourth of July parade during WWI. circa 1918
    COLEMAN 55

    Main Street. June 29, 1889
    COLEMAN 22


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