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   In the 1920s, Oscar Brousse Jacobson learned of five gifted Indian artists. After being introduced to their works, he enrolled four Kiowa Indians as "special art students" at the University of Oklahoma School of Art, even though they didn't meet the traditional college entry requirements.

   Spencer Asah, Jack Hokeah, Stephen Mopope and Monroe Tsatoke could only afford the education for a short time and returned to their homes near Anadarko in June 1927.

   Jacobson enlisted the help of Ponca City oilman Lew H. Wentz to finance the remainder of their educations. The four returned, along with fellow artist Lois Smoky in the spring of 1928. Lois Smoky only stayed one semester and was replaced by James Auchiah.

The five men became known as the Kiowa Five.

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