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Foot suspension bridge in Platt National Park in Bromide, OK, 1908.

Grand Rapids, Platt National Park, Sulphur, OK
OGS 12

Fishermen on the rapids at Sulphur Creek, Platt National Park, Nov. 11, 1902
OGS 13

Men filling a water bottle at Pavillion Springs, Platt National Park in Sulphur, OK
OGS 39

Illinois River viewed from Starved Rock, Illinois
OGS 46

Men waiting to fill their water bottles at Bromide Springs, Platt National Park, OK
OGS 49

Turner Falls, OK, 1920
OGS 71

Wreckage in the bypass at a river reservoir, Oklahoma, 1923
OGS 75

Toll bridge across the Grand River northwest of Grove, OK. June, 1910
OGS 98

Kiowa-Greer County Memorial Bridge across the North Fork of Red River, Kiowa County, OK
OGS 102

Foot suspension bridge across the Washita River, Custer County, OK
OGS 104

A suspension bridge at Noble, OK
OGS 142

Keokuk Falls, Pottawatomie County, OK
OGS 160

Bridge east of Crowder City, OK
OGS 161

Bridge and dam on the Walnurt River, Winfild, KS
OGS 165


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